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korean skincare


Korean Skincare – the wonders revealed

As the weather is getting colder and dryer we all are thinking of ways to amp up our skincare routine to get us through the winter without looking like an alligator! I imagine we have all heard the wonders of Korean skincare; is it all just the amazing products that they use or is there a little something more? Well I did some digging and research and turns out that really you can use any (good quality) products you like. No need for a Korean skincare kit, fancy Korean products or even just plain old expensive ones!

It all comes down to 10 steps – yeah, you read right, it’s quite a few for twice a day. I will go through the basics!


  1. Oli cleanser
  2. Water based cleanser
  3. Exfoliation
  4. Toner
  5. Essence
  6. Serums, boosters, and ampoules
  7. Sheet masks
  8. Eye cream
  9. Moisturizer
  10. Sun protectant

The thing about this, correct me if I am crazy, is that most of those steps make COMPLETE SENSE, we are just more often than not too lazy to commit, am I right??? There are a few things that are a tad new unless you’re familiar with Korean skincare, in which case please comment below and teach ME more, I am loving it at the moment!!! So the uber traditional full cycle of this program would go like so:

  1. Oli cleanser – Use this morning and night to remove make up and any dirt stuck in the pores
  2. Water based cleanser – Use this morning and night to remove any residue of the oil one
  3. Exfoliation – Use this once a week to massage away dead skin cells. You need to find a exfoliant that is light, please don’t use something like St. Yves apricot scrub, the crushed pitts are just too harsh and could actually harm your skin!
  4. Toner – Use this morning and night . . . please note this is not a gross alcohol based toner, this is suppose to HYDRATE your skin not strip it of all that is good and dry it out
  5. Essence – This is like a combo of toner and serum used to refresh and amp up skin with active ingredients. Use this in the evening routine but use sparingly. . . a little goes a long way
  6. Serums, boosters, and ampoules – Use these guys on an ‘as needed’ basis – more of a “fixer” product when there is a redness issue or a little skin drama – these are like essence but extra concentrated
  7. Sheet masks – Use these one to two times a week (can also use other types of masks but sheet masks are the ‘traditional’ ones)
  8. Eye cream – I think we all know that we want to prevent crows feet . . . a good tip is to use your ring fingers to rub this as you want to keep it as delicate as possible
  9. Moisturizer – Moisturizing is key to keep the skin glowing and dewy – my suggestion would be to include your neck and chest area . . . I am fairly certain you don’t want wrinkles there either. . .
  10. Sun protectant – It doesn’t matter if you plan on “going in the sun” you should wear SPF anyway – this is the best anti aging tip!


korean skincare


Are you over whelmed yet? I have been testing out a certain regimen for over a month now and have definitely seen results – it really is a commitment! It is more like a four step process of course 6 if you add in a couple of the once-a-week things 🙂 This is not a sponsored post but I figure I’d share the products I am using because I LOVE THEM THAT MUCH! My skin feels like a baby’s bum! I was only introduce to the Josie Maran products a little while ago and I think I am hooked!


korean skincare

Oil cleanser – I was originally NOT on board with oil cleanser – I figured it would cause my face to break out or be oily or who knows, but I was nervous to try. Now. . . .I LOVE IT! Using this refreshes my face and removes my make-up at the same time. Using this cleanser cleans and gives back a little love and hydration at the same time. I love also skipping that extra step of cotton swabs and all that business, so it’s more like a two in one process 😉

Exfoliation – This I only do 1-2 times a week as you don’t want to be too harsh on you skin. I had a tube from Mary Kay which I really like as the beads are super small. I do it on the weekend to get rid of the gunk of the week. (Similar on here)

korean skincare


Toner The spray that I use has argon oil and coconut water, YUM! It is a nice pivot in the process to cut the oil cleanser, hydrate the skin and add a little extra luxe to the whole thing.


korean skincare


Argan oil Okay, I use this right after the spray, really it is an added hydration step . . . do you see the theme here??? HYDRATE; don’t suck the oils from your skin. Think of it like eating healthy fats to improve skin, if you ate fat free food all the time your skin would dry up like a raisin, welp, same with your skincare products, a little natural oil goes a long way!  I squeeze a few drops in my hands and rub all over my face and neck 🙂

korean skincare


Serum  I use this every couple days in my evening routine. It also contains argan oil but this my friends acts as an anti aging potion! Haha okay maybe not a potion but who doesn’t want a little anti aging benefit in the skin care mix, am I right? I gently massage it around my eyes and over the rest of my face . . GENTLY esp. around the eyes, you don’t want to cause extra friction where wrinkles are prone 🙂


korean skincare


Face cream Now for the cream, well guess what, it is whipped argan oil with a little watermelon and cucumber for a nice cooling effect. The layers of hydration continue! After this step in my make – up routine I have some tinted CC cream that contains SPF to seal it all up 🙂


korean skincare


Sheet or other masks In then last month or so I have gotten SERIOUS about masks. (I am going to be doing some testing on masks for hair, I will report back soon). Guys, they make such a difference if you can make the time for them! Not only is it super relaxing and ZEN but you really do see the effects.



I am def not saying that these are the only good products out there, heck there are so many I can’t even try them all, BUT I can say this is what has worked for me to amp up my skincare routine and get me ready to go for winter repair!


Have you tried Korean skincare routines? I would love to know your thoughts and hear about your experience. Have you tried any other AMAZE-BALL products??? Fill me in!!!


Merry Christmas!


xoxox Annika





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