A little New Year’s Reflection

new year's reflection

A little New Year’s Reflection

Hello Lovelies! It is New Year’s Eve morning 🙂 Can you believe tomorrow is 2-0-1-7???? I cannot believe that this will be the last post of 2016! I think right now we are all focused on tonight, what we are wearing, where we will go, and how we are preparing for our New Year’s Resolutions! Everything is forward looking, as it should be! It is never a good idea to dwell on the past. We want to look forward, dream and make goals!

As we are planning and preparing I want to throw in a little challenge for you; you can do it today or in the first couple weeks of the New Year (as I imagine today could get a little busy!).


Think about all of your accomplishments from the past year


Much of the time we can get caught up in all the things we want to change or improve upon in ourselves. . . but please don’t forget how far you have come! Start by reflecting on last year’s New Year’s Resolution – how did you do? If you can’t find them not to worry, but I came across a BIG list I made last year, they unfortunately were no where near S.M.A.R.T goals but rather a really vague laundry list of things: surprisingly, I have accomplished quite a few! Start looking back at some big things you did this past year, did you make a leap in your career, take a step forward in better self care, or perhaps you completely did a 180, took a risk and are simply a happier person!? Not to mention accomplishments but take a looking at all the blessings you had from this last year (travel, new friends or partner, or maybe a new addition to your family).

Look at the year month by month, what did you do each month. These accomplishments can be as simple as I saw my family more last year or I quit biting my nails. If they were at all intentional you can and SHOULD give yourself a pat on the back, take a little credit 🙂


Looking back and reflecting is good for a couple other things; pausing & re-directing course!



You don’t want to end the year in a rush!!! Take a moment and really relish 2016. This might look like what I said above, looking back at each memory, or maybe for you it looks like taking a long bath and going into 2017 refreshed and charged! The year is busy – all the time, so you might as well start it rested.

Re-directing course

Maybe as you’re looking back you have a couple of times you would have done things differently, maybe you didn’t attain your goal, or maybe parts of your year just didn’t go as planned. Take a breath. You can give yourself a ‘restart’ at any time during the year but there is something about a brand new calendar. Let go of any disappointments from 2016, tie up any last thoughts that you need to have about the issue and move on, you will feel lighter. After you let go change your perspective, don’t enter the year pre-occupied with thoughts other than positivity and hopefulness.


After doing this reflecting exercise go back to the goals that you have set for 2017, do they still look applicable? Do they still resonate with you? If not, who cares, chuck ’em, change ’em or re-create ’em.


new year's reflection


Happy New Year my friends! Time for me to go have a coffee, reflect and write my goals!





new year's reflection


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