You do You – why you must stay in your own lane

you do you


Hello lovlies – happy Tuesday! It is now NOVEMBER !!! Isn’t that crazy? Well, we are actually well on our way to MID – NOVEMBER, which is even more insane. . . that much closer to Christmas! If you follow on snapchat or intagram stories you will know I am working on a little something for the holidays!

Lately I have been reading more and more literature on entrepraneurship and starting/running your own business. To be honest I really don’t care if you’re running your own thing or working for someone else this advice IS RELEVANT and it keeps coming up in EVERYTHING I read/listen/see!

YOU DO YOU! It is really that simple.

I think so much of our lives, especially throughout the school system, we are taught to focus on our improvement points . . . Well – sorry to burst your bubble but I am going to say the opposite 🙂 While I do think it is good to continue learning and growing WHY must we always work on things that are difficult for us? Why can’t we take what we are already amazing at and become UBER-SUCCESSFUL-INCREDIBLE at it? Catch my drift?

This can be in anything in our lives; You’re an entrepraneur and you hate accounting – HIRE SOMEONE and then focus on the meat of your business and grow that. If you’re working the 9-5 gig and you really despise cleaning your house but love to cook – MAKE A DEAL with your spouse/family that you will do all the cooking but you don’t have to clean. There are always options! There will be times in your life when you can’t be doing what you’re passionate about but much of the time you can make adjustments.[spacer height=”20px”]

you do you

you do you

you do you

In an entrepreneurial setting this is also the situation of choosing to pursue a business that you feel passionate about, so that even when the going gets tough you have the perseverance to continue – because you love it!

So how does this fit into a more traditional sense? You might be thinking “I am not an entrepreneur, how does this advice relate to me?” Glad you asked 😉 Remember way back when I spoke about why I chose not to do my MBA? Well I think this was the beginning of me really tapping into this perspective of “me doing me”. Yes – I could have done the MBA, but in my gut I knew it wasn’t my path. Maybe it was hard to “stay in my own lane” and not look at what other people were doing but ultimately it brought me more happiness to do what felt right for me. I think this is relevant to anyone out there who is in a job that maybe they feel they can do, but they are continually dreaming of something else that plays much more to their strengths and passion. You need to pursue it!  Your journey and your “lane” might be different from other people and THAT IS OKAY!!! Maybe your lane is much more of a winding road and less of a straight one. I can tell you right now that my lane has turns going every which way – but it is MY LANE, I am doing it for me because it is right for me. All in all it will make you a very diverse professional.

Another way to think about this is that the more time you spend looking at what other people are doing that means the more time you are distracted, confused and wondering if what YOU’RE doing is right. I think that if you really try and listen to your intuition you will be able to really know the right move for you.


In terms of looking to others for guidance – THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! You can still stay in your own lane while leveraging insights from others! What I would do, especially if you’re planning on making any sort of BIG change, whether it be career or otherwise, is gather facts. If it is a career change, try and find other people on LinkedIn who had made an industry jump. Look at their background and transitional jobs. This doesn’t mean that it will work exactly that way for you, but take it as inspiration to get you started 🙂


In the grand scheme of things you will go further and be more successful (whatever your definition of success is) than if you had spent your entire life trying to be the best at something you were not passionate about nor was something in your inherent skills toolbox! Tap into those talents that you’re born with! The other funny thing is that even if you have a winding journey that maybe in the moment doesn’t seem like it’s bringing you to any place in particular, likely as long as you keep following your passion and challenging yourself you will wind up someday in your dream job or owning your dream business and all of a sudden looking back each step will have prepared you for this moment. So I know it is easier said than done but:




Stay true to yourself. Trying to be someone else or do things that make other people happy is a recipe for disaster.

Bonne chance!

oxox  Annika


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