Three ‘girlboss’ books you need to read!

girlboss books

Girlboss books you needs to read

THE – STRUGGLE – IS – REAL!!! I ♥ books! I just seem to have trouble finding time to read them! Does anyone else have this problem? It is like going to the gym . . . the hardest part is just getting there or I guess in the book scenario the hardest part is cracking the darn thing open and getting through the intro! After that I am always so happy I took the time to read a little – like the gym – always happy after it’s over >.<

I think books can really be like cheap education (not that I am discrediting the formal education that costs a lot more than $24.99 from Indigo). I just love that when reading a book I learn new things all the while I am commuting to work (or better yet, snuggled up with Karlsson on my lap and having a tea) :). Things are super daunting in life when making a change or taking on a massive new project. I mean I went through that phase of “what the heck am I thinking/doing” when I started Fernweh Society. Now that it’s up I am SO HAPPY I had some books to get me started. On the same token, I think sometimes (blogger or non blogger) one can get a little deflated in life and lose momentum. I know I have been there more than once. It will be weeks going full steam ahead and then all of a sudden you second guess yourself and then the whole plan goes to the crapper! These books I have today are to HELP YOU STAY MOTIVATED! One of them is blogger specific so if you’re not pursuing a blog not to worry – no need – however there are still great lessons in it if you choose to pick up a copy, even if you don’t want to write a blog.

Girlboss Books

Leave your mark (Aliza Licht) – Can I just quote the front here, “LAND YOUR DREAM JOB, KILL IT IN YOUR CAREER, ROCK SOCIAL MEDIA”. We could just stop there, I feel like that is enough of a sell that everyone should be SPRINTING to the bookstore to grab this one! I loved this one because a) it’s a true story b) she tells it like it is c) she is SO relatable!!! She was a pre med. student who decided late in the process she wanted to work in fashion! I love seeing her alleged far fetched dream became a reality – why? Because she made it happen! After reading this book you’ll be so jacked up with motivation you might even have the courage to take a baby step in the direction of your ACTUAL dream job . . . not the one that you’re meh about and seems easy to get to.


Get Rich Blogging (Zoe Griffin) – This technically is specific to the bloggers out there, but I truly believe the lessons carry over if you don’t plan on becoming wealthy based on your blog alone 😉 It’s all about strategy and diving in! Zoe covers the in’s and out’s on building a brand and creating quality content –  all from your living room! I will say the books is an excellent way to simply get your feet wet in how she did it – not to say it will be the same for everyone but it’s nice to get inspired by how someone else made it big!


You are a BADASS: How to stop doubting your greatness and how to start living an awesome life (Jen Sincero) – Well, I gotta say the title on this one is long but it hits the nail on the head! I can’t tell you how many times I was reading this (more often then not on the subway) and literally laughing out loud, smiling to myself or having epiphanies! Jen Sincero writes like she means business! There is no BS and no coddling, which I think for a book like this is PERFECT! It is pure Tough Love! She covers everything from mantras and affirmations to kicking yourself in the butt to get your life going! This book is not for the faint of heart because she, herself says what is the point in all this self development nonsense unless you’re actually going to put it into practice!


A little extra


girlboss books


Okay I couldn’t help myself 🙂 Even a a girlboss has to read a book for a story every now and then too, am I right??? I read “Gone Girl” when it came out and devoured the book and the movie! When I heard that “The Girl on the Train” was along the same thrilling lines I had to read it! I really enjoyed it and it was a nice little change from the business-y/ get your hustle on books. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE reading the inspirational stuff, but its nice to switch things up every now and then with a novel.


Are there books that you have found to be EPIC in guiding your HUSTLE? Hit me up – I have a stack by my bedside waiting to be read but it will always welcome a new one 🙂


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Happy reading (and girlbossin‘)

oxox Annika




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