Last minute Christmas tips and gift guide ideas!

christmas tips


Can you believe that it is less than four weeks until Christmas!? Just in case you missed it I posted the winners of the first ever Fernweh Society give-a-way! Don’t worry, if you entered and didn’t win, there will be more to come!

So yeh, back to time FLYING. . . it’s now Christmas season! I feel like once September hits during the year it is practically a blink of an eye and already it’s Christmas! I am definitely not complaining though, I LOVE this time of year! Everything gets a little more sparkly and everything sounds a little more jingly!

Are you all prepared for Christmas and the holidays in general? I feel like things can get really busy and sometimes there are basic things that people forget but they make a  HUGE difference!

Here is a little last minute ‘Christmas tips’ list in case you forgot these things 🙂

  1. If you’re sending gifts/cards send with enough time to actually GET THERE!
  2. Right before family and friends come over make sure you have enough of basic things (I.e toilette paper, hand soap and coffee!)
  3. When you travel – turn down your heating! You won’t be there no reason to pay for it  🙂
  4. If you’re traveling local – rent a car IN ADVANCE! If you wait until the day before the price might sky rocket or worse . . . no cars available. . .
  5. If you’re hosting events that you want to capture – charge your batteries on your camera – just in case 😉
  6. CHILL – For some reason the holidays are “the most wonderful time of the year” yet people FREAK OUT with stress! For now I will say take some time to calm yourself – later this week I will be posting some stress busting self care tips that will help you out 😉


One major thing I find that stresses people out is getting a little too crazy in the gift department around the holidays; again don’t get me wrong I like gifts as much as the next girl but it seems a little extreme to buy a gift for literally EVERYONE you know! Even if you are getting gifts for many people, you don’t really have to get them a bunch of gifts just get one thoughtful one! Have you thought of doing a secret Santa with friends or perhaps even with family. We have done that for the past couple years and everyone seems pretty happy and less stressed about the whole sitch! What we do is set a budget that everyone sticks to, get someone outside the group to draw names and tell people their gift recipient! It’s that simple 🙂 I like it, it’s fun to get a little creative and actually lets you focus more energy on making the gift special instead of buying the same candle for each woman you know . . .LOL


We have gifts under $50 (or in the ballpark of $50 😛 ) and then gifts under $75. I did a little digging and found some pretty cute things!!! Let me know if you and your girlfriends end up doing a secret Santa!!!

Gifts for her under $50

Gifts for her under $75

Just remember don’t stress out! You will likely do that the rest of the year anyway 😛
Merry Christmas!

oxox Annika




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