How to feed the travel itch!

travel itch


Good morning lovelies!!!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday (TGIF am I right???). I don’t know about you but lately I have REALLY been getting that travel itch again. You know that feeling when you feel the weather cooling off, everything is getting a lil’ too routine for your liking and all you want to do is spice things up? You start looking at the travel boards on Pinterest and going over-and-over your old travel photos from years ago… YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!??? All this to say a little weekend drive outside the city is just not cutting it anymore, you have a little case of FERNWEH!

To be honest the feeling is exciting but it actually kind of sucks when you have nothing coming up on the horizon for travel. I feel a lucky as I have a little something at Christmas time (wait and see!!!! there will be posts!) but it STILL feels like decades away at this point. So what is a girl to do when the agony of the travel itch is getting a little too much? Well you have to scratch the itch! Maybe for now it won’t be purchasing tickets or brand new luggage but I have a few things up my sleeve to postpone going loopy in the head! Give these a try and let me know what you think :)[spacer height=”20px”]

travel itch

travel itch[spacer height=”20px”]

  1. Start planning your next trip (In MEGA detail!) – I don’t know about you but I feel that when I book a trip I am always completely excited and start researching right away. The issue is that later on a few weeks before the trip things get busy! I mean think about before you travel how much you need to prepare at work and home, add in finding someone to look after you dog and you’re completely occupied! Try and get a lil’ bit of a head start on the planning. If you have a trip coming up next summer GET DREAMING! Brainstorm everything you want to do – research, ask people who’ve been there, read forums!  You have the luxury of time to pick and choose where you want to splurge and save during your vacation and get everything in order 🙂 This way you can relish in the excitement that you’re going and make it a tailored experience :)[spacer height=”20px”]
  2. If you really have nothing coming up start making lists of ideas of your dream destinations for different things like best beaches you want to try or best foodie vacations in the tropics. If you brainstorm these lists and maybe with a couple things you want to see/do in each place, it feels like going there is that much more imminent 🙂 For example, if you absolutely LOVE pad thai, Thailand is DEF going to be on that foodie list. Once you start researching it you might find out a bunch of new things and realize you need to book your ticket ASAP![spacer height=”20px”]
  3. It could be as simple as flipping though a 501 best cities book to get the juices flowing. Honestly I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books they come in a variety of categories. Every time I flip through I love reminiscing about places that I have been and dreaming of the new ones. The photography is on point and the descriptions of the places generate a little bit of wanderlust! Another fun idea which I admit to doing a lot is reading cookbooks about international foods! They completely inspire me and by making food from around the world, it feeds my travel itch (even if only for a short period of time 😛 ).[spacer height=”20px”]
  4. Try and be a tourist in your own city –  Does this sound silly? It shouldn’t 🙂 When I first move to Toronto there were so many things that my family and I did: CN Tower, China Town, Financial district, festivals – You name it, we made a point of checking it out! Surprisingly, there were so many people I knew that had never done a BUNCH of these things and I was floored. I guess I needed to remember that once you get in routine it’s hard to find time, or energy to go out and explore new things in your own city. So I CHALLENGE you to do this! Think about how many really cool things people travel to YOUR city to go see – and see them yourself! At the end of the day, if the reason you don’t have a trip booked is lack of cash, these events are a minimal cost and you can end the day at home and save on that whopping hotel charge ;)[spacer height=”20px”]
  5. Just say YES –  So this isn’t necessarily a travel specific one, but I would again challenge you to JUST SAY YES. Full stop. When someone asks you if you want to try a new restaurant – say yes. When you think “hmmm should I try a new route to work” – say yes. Even when you’re at the grocery store and the regular brand of yogurt is out but there are others to try – say yes! It is amazing how changing up your routine can give you a little excitement and oomph in life 🙂 Humans are creatures of habit, hands down. BUUUUTTTTT by changing up small things in your routine it can make things a little more uncertain and fun –  you might even discover some new things that you want to incorporate into your daily life. Yes, this isn’t travel, but at the end of the day travel is all about learning and putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, so there are similarities![spacer height=”20px”]

Thoughts on these guys? How bad is your case of Fernweh at the moment? Do you have some travel plans coming up around the holidays or are you planning a nice break at home with hot cocoa and the Christmas tree? I would love to hear about it! Reach out in the comments or send me a message! As for me – I am getting ready for our little jaunt down south – any idea where we are going???


Happy dreaming!


oxoxo Annika




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