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Is it too early to say Merry Christmas???  I have seen some Christmas vibes on social media as well as Christmas trees in real life!!!! So I think I am allowed to start hopping on this bandwagon 🙂


Every year there are certain things I love to do to prepare for the holidays! I love to bake Christmas cookies (both the traditional kinds as well as the ones my Oma use to make), I love to get the apartment looking sparkly and festive, and I love to listen to Christmas music (did you guys catch Mariah Carey at Sak’s Fifth Ave???). There are also things I always want to do and really INTEND to do for the holiday preparations but somehow they very often slip out of my grasp . . . this is more in the lines of getting Christmas shopping done in November, losing a couple LBS before I dive into all the festive eats and . . . SENDING out Christmas cards to friends and family.


Welp – I can tell you that I cannot help you with the shopping or the weight loss but today I CAN help you with those Christmas cards!!! It is actually super exciting – I have partnered with POPjoyCards!!! Guys – not only are these cards super cute, but the company motto totally fits in line with stuff we chat about on Fernweh Society.

Talib Contractor is the creator and major force behind the conception of PoPJoyCards. Guys – he was an accountant at EY!!! He started the company after taking a nine month break from the corporate world. what was he doing you might ask? TRAVELING! I have said it before and I will say it again, traveling is an opportunity to learn so much about your surroundings and about yourself. After this trip Talib was inspired and realized the alleged “corporate dream” was not for him. He got his feet wet in an entrepreneurial venture then set out to start his own. Want to know where the idea came from? Well no surprise here, it was when he was traveling in Hội An, Vietnam. He stumbled upon some beautiful cards in a market, of course in this pop up style. When he came home months later he saw the same cards that he had sent to his grandmother, still on the living room table!  If that is not inspiring I don’t know what to tell yah!

Well back to Christmas and cards. I am a HUGE card kinda gal. Ask my boyfriend, every special occaision I insist that a card be included, I feel like it is a portion of the gift in itself, so I like to find unique cards (I got my boyfriend a scotch inspired card for his birthday . . . maybe PopJoy will venture into those as well) ;). I think the thing with Christmas cards is that you want to make sure you send them out in time, am I right? No one wants to be getting a holiday card mid January 😛 So time is of the essence! LUCKILY we have a little give-a-way today on Fernweh Society! Three lucky readers will be getting a pack of holiday cards sent their houses!!!! Then you will have these to use for your holiday greetings 🙂

What do the cards look like? The variety is insane!!!


holiday cards

holiday cards

holiday cards

holiday cards

holiday cards

holiday cards

holiday cards

I think my fav has to be the Santa Clause 🙂 Want a few tippytips for sending greeting cards?

  1. Send on time – as said before no one wants a late card 🙂
  2. Add enough postage! – don’t take the gamble that whatever you put between the card isn’t too heavy for a regular old stamp
  3. Get personal – Some cards have BEAUTIFUL words inside, but really a card isn’t getting to it’s max potential unless you add a personal message – doesn’t have to be long just take the time to do it!


How to Enter

All you have to do is follow me on Instagram and sign up for the blog notifications by email by clicking “sign up” in the pink banner across your screen or at the bottom of the page then you are entered to win a pack of PopJoy holiday cards 🙂 They will be sent to you door directly! I have three sets to give a way 😀 I am so stoked, I personally can’t wait to send out this amazing Santa Clause one! You have until November 25, 2016 at midnight to enter – so do it now :)!!!


Another quick gift for all of you as well is a discount code for the holiday cards on PoPJoy all you have to do is use code holiday15 at the checkout and you will get 15% off 🙂


What little holiday extras do you like to do during the season? How do you prepare for Christmas? Let me know in  the comments below or hit me up on social media! I love hearing from you!


Happy Holidays!


oxox Annika





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