The importance of mentorship – it’s serious business

mentorship[spacer height=”20px”]Hello Lovelies! Did you have a fantastic Thanksgiving ? Now we gotta get back into the daily grind right! I don’t know about you but for some reason after a long weekend the (short) week seems to drag along until Friday. Maybe its because you’re so relaxed from the mini vaca that going back to work is that much more difficult; who knows ūüôā

Speaking of work and careers I wanted to follow up on a couple posts I did awhile back on networking and e-networking. GUYS –>Networking is KEY!!! If you want your career to grow, I don’t care what industry you’re in you gotta get out there and network your butt off!

Let’s venture to the other side shall we? I am talking about the side of this equation where someone approaches YOU to learn, get advice or just plainly wants to grab coffee.¬†Let’s talk about¬†the power and straight up importance of mentorship.

In setting this little scene¬†I remember back in my¬†internship days when my “mentors” or assigned “buddies” would take me for coffee and give me advice. Sometimes it was generic but so much of the time it was coming from a very insightful place. They were not much older than me, so the age gap was small, but they were able to really share relevant things that I was going to be experiencing. For those of you who are reading this and getting the advice, listen! I mean take it with a grain of salt as sometimes things might not be EXACTLY the same scenario for you but really, if someone is sharing wisdom with you and there is a chance you can leverage it, DO IT!


Correct me if I am wrong, but if¬†you’re anywhere near knowing what you’re doing at work you likely have a few tips and tricks to share with the newbies!¬†It is YOUR responsibility to help those who are trying to find their way. You really do need to remember back when it was you who was thrilled that someone responded to your “cold call” email and agreed to meet you for coffee to answer questions. YOU now need to become that person. You might still see yourself at the bottom of the totem pole but you¬†have the power and ability to help shape someone else’s career. You could help someone decide what they want to do or fill them with the confidence to try something they didn’t think that they could.


Cool so now that I’ve said my two cents on that . . . how are you going to do this? Well technically you¬†can just wait until someone reaches out, but let’s get real, not everyone is super outgoing.¬†You have a full schedule with work, but many companies¬†encourage volunteering right? Check and see if you can allocate time to mentoring interns at your company. That is a super simple way to get your feet wet in the whole “mentorship” space.


The other thing too, I guess this is more for your own benefit (shhhhhhh), but you don’t ¬†really know where that intern will end up! You need to continue building your network too, am I right?¬†What if you lend a helping hand and give good advice and this intern ends up being a possible business partner in 15 years, well I am SURE you¬†will be¬†glad you connected !!!


Happy Mentoring!!!


OXOX Annika


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