What the heck do recruiters look for & Job search tips from the pros!

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Hello lovlies! Hope you’re doing fab! I want to do a shout out to all the readers who are in job search mode right now. My last career post was more focused for working ladies who are going to get into the mentorship phase. So I went ahead and reached out to Sophia Karpenesiotis, Talent Attraction Manager at KPMG Canada. She opened up and gave some insight into what she looks for when assessing candidates.

Looking for a first job or a new job is completely daunting don’t you think? I mean there is so much to think about: LinkedIn profile, social media presence, job search tools and the list goes on! By the time you’re actually in the application phase you need a glass of wine to calm your nerves to get the darn CV and cover letter out! Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more about my tips & tricks for your online profile as I’d be thrilled to share a “to do” list for tackling this hurdle 🙂

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According to the Sophia, the first thing that she looks for is whether or not you already have experience related to the role and if you have stability within an organization. This makes sense right? If you haven’t been able to show strength in performance or strength in consistency then there is a strike against you.

Format –  Get your docs in a row!!! (Too cheesy in place of ducks? Okay well, bare with me 🙂 ) She says that if your resume is too long, crammed on the page or just doesn’t look nice, they likely won’t want to move you on to the next round. Guys this is not news!!!! If anyone has trouble hearing this advice it’s the same as showing up to an interview in yoga pants, that doesn’t work (unless you’re applying at Lululemon)! She mentioned that typically it’s a two-pager rule for your resume, which was news to me. I guess I was stuck in the dark ages of a one page CV and a one page cover letter; who knew? But do keep everything relevant please! No one wants to read how many kids you can babysit or that you make excellent sandwiches. (Again depending on the type of role you’re applying for 🙂 )[spacer height=”20px”]

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Okay this one you have to keep on the DL for Fernweh Society readers. . . . . shhhhhhhhh. . . .  it’s a secret! She says hiring managers rarely read cover letters!!!! Oh my word – but really – they’re reading stuff from 200 people for 1 role; obviously they don’t have time, you must choose other ways to stand out! Though it’s a tricky subject she mentioned you can stand out by catering your resume for the specific role you’re applying for, none of this one size fits all business.

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She says the only time someone may read your cover letter is later on in the process. If the direct department hiring manager for the role wants to see the writing style of the candidate they might take a peek, so better safe than sorry, you don’t want a little grammar mistake to hold you back!


Other tipp-i-ty tips for your job search queries –>

♥ ALWAYS keep it professional!!! Also unless it’s a graphic design or fashion role don’t take too many “creative” liberties in your CV

♥ Most common mistakes? Too long, spelling errors, horrible formatting or using too many colors or graphics (what kind of graphics are people using????)

♥ Include only relevant information (as mentioned above ⇑⇑⇑ ) Don’t make the hiring manager sift through needless paragraphs

♥ Hiring managers LOOK for keywords!!! Do a little research on keywords for the role/industry where you’re applying and work them in organically



Was this helpful? Honestly, I feel like during a job search, the more tips and tricks the better! I know it’s a super stressful process and sometimes really discouraging. HOLD OUT for a good role, don’t just settle for the first thing that might be okay. Things WILL work out, and when the right role comes along you will be happy you put all the extra time and effort into finding it 🙂


Happy searching!




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