“Entrepreneurs are unemployable . . .” – A chat with Changemaker Jay Wong


GUYS!!!! Come quickly –  I had the opportunity to chat with Jay Wong! For those of you who don’t know (yet) Jay runs a podcast called The Inner Changemaker. This is a #1 rated podcast in the self-help category upon launch in 2015 and was in the top 10 nominated for business podcasts in 2016! He is so inspirational and fits right in with those of us who want to take life into our own hands and turn our goals into reality!

The original idea was to do the interview as the others that I have done and simply write it out (oh yes, I have some good content up my sleeves for you guys!!!), but as we started talking it organically turned into a podcast, likely because that is how HE does interviews all the time. So I thought what the heck, I would share the audio file with you guys 🙂 Click the heading below and it will bring you to SoundCloud.com to listen to our lil’ chat! *Also sorry there is a little background noise but I really wanted to get this out to you guys!!! Enjoy!

In case you don’t have the time at the moment to listen I will note down a couple things that we chatted about but do definitely take the time when you get home, on your commute,  relaxing later on; whenever you decide to turn on the audio you WILL NOT regret it!

Jay talks about how he got started in the podcasting life; he actually transitioned from a ‘9-5’ job, and a good one at that – he decided to take the plunge and did it in a BIG WAY!

Some of his advice is on ventures like blogging or podcasting. He talks about how you have to view it as a business – NOT A HOBBY. Hobbies are great, he says, but if you do this you miss the real opportunity of your venture. You can leverage traffic from iTunes, build you tribe (community), and really tap into the technology that is available to us. It allows us to be geographically far in distance but still connect with so many people around the globe! Right now the barriers of entry are low in this field – you just have to keep going! (just like I always say guys, consistent and persistant!)

Jay goes on to talk about how entrepreneurs don’t just have it easy-peasy (even though he learnt that the hard way!) – you have to create processes and systems to move forward! You have to be SUPER adaptable and be willing to learn & implement fast! If you get bogged down, you can drown in your content and volume. Its a boring topic but hey, it is one of the keys to success!

A couple other points he makes:

  • Adjust your hero mentality – “be overflowing. . .overflow your cup so everyone else can fill their cup by default”
  • Forget about validation/lose the ego its not about you –  its what YOU can do for your LISTENERS to make changes in their lives!

Okay – Thats enough for the sneaky tidbits you have to check out the audio for the rest of Jay Wong’s tips including things to think about like how to leave YOUR 9-5 life, going “all in”, and generating revenue among SO MANY OTHER TOPICS!

If you like what you hear you can find Jay Wong at www.theinnerchangemaker.com or check out his youtube at JayWongtv.


Did you like this format of a podcast, would you like to have more of this? Please let me know, I am always reading your feedback 🙂

Happy listening

oxoxo Annika




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