Fall favorites

fall favorites

I  ♥  fall 🙂 It is seriously the BEST time of year! Not only can you layer your heart out in the fashion department, but everything just gets cozier, full of pumpkin and a little more festive!


I want to share with you guys what my fall favourites are of 2016! Oh also – don’t worry I will have some pictures and links at the bottom so you can check them out!


  1. Apothecary prosecco scented candle – This was actually a gift from my mum and now it’s almost gone! I love burning this candle early in the mornings when I get up and make my coffee. It’s so soothing and makes the waking up process a little easier when it’s so dark outside . . . I do miss those days of early morning light![spacer height=”20px”]
  2. Mackage leather jacket Guys I bought this baby earlier in the year and can I tell you – ZERO regrets! The fact that it is such quality and real leather makes it warm but so breathable. It’s super comfy and super chic – I’d recommend this one! Also, I want to say a quick bit on investing. YES, it was expensive, but I think especially with outerwear you are going to be using it OVER-AND-OVER, you should really invest in quality!!![spacer height=”20px”]
  3. Iced lattes!!!! It’s a shocker right??? It is still so nice outside (minus the rain that we have been having) that I have continued making iced almond lattes in the mornings! I imagine soon they will be turning into regular old HOT lattes but for now, bring on the ice ;)[spacer height=”20px”]
  4. Pleather pants from BCBG (can you tell I like a hardcore look in the fall 😛 ) These pants were a birthday gift! I guess another reason why I love fall so much as my birthday happens to be in October 🙂 I feel like the perfect pair of leather/pleather pants in autumn is key – they tie any outfit together from a large sweater to pairing with a cute top and a trench coat.[spacer height=”20px”]
  5. Pumpkin decorations – who am I kidding pumpkin everything! You probably saw my post on the pumpkin streusel muffins. Well that is only the beginning of my obsession with pumpkin every fall. I know it is literally EVERYWHERE on social media but there is so much more than just a pumpkin spice latte. Have you ever tried pumpkin spice yogurt or pumpkin curry? Time to get creative people!!![spacer height=”20px”]fall favorites[spacer height=”20px”]
  6. My white slip on sneakers from Mexico City (when it isn’t raining). I posted a picture of these babies on instagram when we were traveling as I was INSTANTLY obsessed with them. I love ’em because they’re efforlessly chic and so comfortable! I like that they kind of go along with the white sneaker trend but they’re still a little different. If you know me you WILL KNOW I don’t want to just simply follow the crowd – gotta put my own spin on things right? [spacer height=”20px”]
  7. Darker makeup – Typically during the warmer months, I have a fairly minimalist approach to makeup. . . You know like, matte nude coloured eye shadow, a little eye liner and perhaps a pink lipstick. Well  – enter autumn! Time for the smokey eye and darker plum coloured lip!!!! It kind goes with the whole outfit right – everything can be a little darker and heavier – even your fragrance.[spacer height=”20px”]fall favorites[spacer height=”20px”]What are you LOVING right now in the fall; I know I am def. not the only one who loves this time of year 🙂 Let me know in the comments below or send me a message!

Happy layering !


oxoxo Annika





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