The Brow Effect – Bold Brow making a statement!


bold brow

The Brow Effect – Bold Brow making a statement!

Hello lovlies! I thought in the spirit of make-up and yesterday being Halloween (when I would bet most of you did some sort of transformation) I would share a beauty post! Today I want to talk about BROWS – yep, you read correctly, those things above your eyes that maybe are faint or maybe resemble more of a caterpillar.

BOLD BROWS are majorly on trend for the past year, and I do not think for one second that it is going anywhere so hold on for the ride. Being a blonde person I have always had pretty faint, non-describe brows. Finally a couple months ago I decided to go all in and get them tinted! BEST BEAUTY DECISION EVER! Look at the difference before versus now!


bold brow

[spacer height=”20px”]My thoughts on trends is that if you like a trend go for it, but if you’re not feeling it, let it pass. No sense to follow a trend when you’re going to look much better sticking to the classics, at the same time you can’t be narrow minded either. It’s always fun to try new things!

A few quick tips for those ladies out there who want to up their brow game!

  1. Go to a place you trust!  [spacer height=”20px”]As it IS on your FACE, you kinda want to be happy with the results. I luckily have found a great place as per recommendation from a friend. I made the mistake of trying somewhere else and well . . . I was not impressed with her color choice, lack of listening to what I wanted and inability to admit that she messed up my brows. Never fear, I went back to my original pro and she fixed them. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to a place that you are happy with![spacer height=”20px”]
  2. Don’t be scared! [spacer height=”20px”]The bolder the better right? I mean I personally wouldn’t want to go straight from a blonde (essentially no brow) to a black brow BUUUUTTTTTT after having a deep brown I could work my way darker. As it is the trend right now, don’t be afraid if your brows don’t match your hair color –  that IS part of the trend 🙂 The high contrast is what creates that drama and mood of the look. Best start with a couple shades darker than your hair and if you want to go even darker, try it gradually 🙂 [spacer height=”20px”]
  3. Continue to fill in! [spacer height=”20px”]I know you might ask “well if I am going to fill in the brow what is the point in getting them tinted in the first place?”. My answer to you: Bigger & Bolder! When the brows are dark and you fill in the spots they will look even fuller and more shapely. So yeah, maybe you don’t need to fill them in every single day, but for a heavier make-up look perhaps on a night out, the brows can still be amped up with extra fill and shape. The other great thing to know is that filling them in will make the tint last longer. I go in to get tinted every 3-5 weeks depending on the result. With filling in the brows though, it stretches the life of the tint and of course saves YOU money![spacer height=”20px”]
  4. Get ’em shaped! [spacer height=”20px”]So when my brows were blonde, there was really no trouble if they were not perfect, because no one could see them! Easy maintenance  😛 BUUUUUUUUUT now because they’re bold as heck I have to get them shaped to perfection! You don’t want little dark flecks surrounding your eyes do you!? What I like to do is get them waxed into the curve of my choice, and then upkeep that shape with tweezers in between (that saves me going into the salon all the time for tiny hairs).[spacer height=”20px”]
  5. BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH! [spacer height=”20px”]My last little tip is to ALWAYS use a brow brush! It really doesn’t matter how naturally thick or thin your brows are –> a good brush up and then swish into position will keep ’em looking #onpoint![spacer height=”20px”][spacer height=”20px”]


Maybe I am not the queen of brows but I figured if I had questions about this,  then there may be someone else out there who would also want a little help 🙂 Are there other beauty or fashion trends you are dying to hear more about? Allow me to do the research and report back! Hey, you never know I might even use myself as the guinea pig to test it out! Message me with your trend requests or reach out on social media!!! Looking forward to hearing from all of you!


Happy tinting 😉


oxoxo Annika



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