26 lessons I’ve learned in 26 years – heading into 27

26 lessons


Is it just  me or has the past year soared by!!!! Maybe it is just me. As some of you know I celebrated another year last weekend; I am officially 27. I feel like a “real adult” now. I am not sure why the number 27 seems so real and official . . . for many people that number is 30, and for others that number is 25. You know, I will probably have another revelation at 30 with other lessons I’ve learned and new challenges that I’ve over come, but for now let me share my lessons with you for a little reflection on 26 and a big leap into 27!!!

  1. Time spent at work is not a badge of honour & “busy” shouldn’t be an acceptable response for “how’s it going?
  2. Comparison to others is the thief of joy – relish in what you have
  3. Relationships are work, but the pay off is the sweetest thing ever
  4. Follow your dreams, even if they must be tweaked a little – otherwise you will live your life with regret
  5. Worrying is exhausting and useless – wait until you have the facts before you freak out
  6. Investment in clothing is better than a million cheap items – quality over quantity
  7. Everything TRUELY is better in the morning, go to sleep and wake up with a new perspective
  8. Rude people are likely dealing with their own problems – have some compassion
  9. Define your path and don’t just follow the crowd
  10. Clear your life of toxic people – you will become happier through the process
  11. Be adventurous to try new things, but don’t stress if you figured out what you like and want to stick with it
  12. Forgiveness is tough sometimes, but it is the key to healing[spacer height=”20px”]img_5051
  13. Figure out your hobbies/passion projects and give yourself time for them
  14. Don’t put pressure on things in your life to make you happy – you need to do that for yourself first
  15. It IS okay to strive for a job that you love – don’t listen to the naysayers that say it will never happen
  16. Continue practicing your faith, spirituality and/or meditation in whatever way you choose –  this completes you in a way nothing else can
  17. Work life balance is not measured in one day, its an “average” over the course of your career
  18. In any relationship – choose your battles, not everything is “big” enough to debate and you don’t always have to “win”
  19. Read a book – there is nothing like picking up a tangible book and feeling the pages on your fingertips
  20. Make it a personal goal to go to bed at a good time!!! You will live fuller if you’re awake to experience it 😛
  21. Spend more time in nature (this is for you city people!!!) stress melts away if you do this
  22. Invest time in self care – both physical and mental
  23. Continue learning throughout life – now that the prescribed time in school is over, you can learn things that inspire you
  24. Try and be as present as possible
  25. Keep your morning as you like it – it sets the tone and mood for the rest of your day
  26. Cherish your friends and family – these people will stand with you for the rest of your life


Some of these are a little mushy, cliché and theoretical but I feel that they really speak to me in this time of my life, how about you? Can you relate? There is another disclaimer with this list. . .please do not for one second believe that I have mastered them! These things are ongoing and its kind of like yoga, you practice it because you cannot master it in a few times. So for me I am practicing  these lessons learned and going into the next year and tackling 27, I will likely discover new things to practice and change my life along the way.


I would really love to know some of the lessons that you have learned, regardless of what age you learned them at. We can all learn from each other. Please leave a comment below or reach out on the contact page 🙂


oxoxo Happy practicing








  1. Rusty
    October 6, 2016 / 3:01 pm

    Great post! I couldn’t agree more, especially about your points being part of a practice. I think that the more we increase our awareness of these ideas, the more fulfilling our lives will be. I wasn’t thinking about any of this when I was 26 – – very cool. 😊

    • annika
      October 7, 2016 / 12:44 pm

      Thanks so much Rusty 🙂 It definitely is a journey to determine the most fulfilling ways to live our lives 🙂


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