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Hello lovelies!

In the spirit of the long weekend as a mini vacation (for those of us in Canada 🙂 ) I wanted to share the Positano travel itinerary with some “must do” things!!! We have been back for some weeks now and I have been working hard to find time to catch up on life back in Toronto as well as edit some of our footage from Italy to share with you! I managed to put together my first vlog for Fernweh Society TV, the newest addition to the Fernweh Society brand; a YOUTUBE channel! Super exciting!!! Speaking of exciting, for those of you who follow Fernweh Society on Snapchat or Instagram you will have seen that we have another little “addition” in our lives which was a nice surprise 🙂 I will post again about that so run over to Insta and Snapchat to add Fernweh Society to follow along 🙂

Alrighty- shall we dive into the glorious Positano?

Guys, in the three weeks that we were away in Italy and Sweden I have to say that Positano was my FAVOURITE!!!! I might sound cliché but this place was magical, romantic, calm, delicious, warm and just all around amazing. If there are any couples out there looking for a honeymoon spot check this place out! (Just as an FYI we were not on a honeymoon just traveling :))

Without further ado!

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These were my highlights in Positano. Obviously there are MANY things like: eat your weight in gelato, pasta and pizza, sunbathe on the beach and the list goes on – but I figured you knew those already 😉

Stay in a Bed and Breakfast

In Positano there are options galore for where to stay and they will range from affordable to mortgage worthy amounts. A couple tips here: BOOK EARLY, everyone everywhere including Italians thinks that going to Positano in the summer is the best idea ever and because of that its packed! If you book early you might be able to snag some of the few affordable places in Positano. We stayed in two different places: Casa Cosenza and Dimora del Podesta. They each had their highlights!!! Casa Cosenza’s view was literally breathtaking and Dimora del Podesta had this magical room with beautiful tiled floors. Both places were incredible and I am so happy we got to try both! I would say that a place like Positano, because it is just so darn cute you really need the authentic Italian BnB experience to absorb it all 🙂

Take a day trip to Capri

Capri – mythical island of Capri 🙂 This was a very cute little place but was it ever packed!!! I am so happy we got to see it and the water was crystal clear! I don’t know about you guys, but I am always skeptical of organized activities; this one was worth it! We joined a group of others on a boat with our captain and spent the day chillin’ in the sun, jumping off the boat and visiting Capri. We also got to see many grottos including the FAMOUS blue grotto. Funny story actually; you have to pay extra to go inside the blue grotto like any other tourist trap. You climb into a tiny rowboat and wait in like for a million and one hours to see the blue reflection inside the cave. Well, we decided “you know what, everything is beautiful here, we don’t need to get scammed for that”. Turns out the weather was causing too many waves so the grotto boat tours were closed. . . so we swam inside for free 🙂 It was BEAUTIFUL and of course such a cool experience swimming through the water into a cave! I loved it 🙂

Hop on an early boat to Da Adolfo

This restaurant is super delicious . . . which of course makes it uber popular. What you need to do is wait at the Positano port until you see a boat coming with a little red fish on top. They will take you down the coast to their restaurant. You have some options, you can try to make a reservation (but to be honest they are so busy they don’t even pick up the phone), or just go really early, rent a sun chair and put your name on the list! That is what we did! But don’t make the mistake of sunbathing too long before getting your name on the list otherwise it will take hours! Just grab an aperol spritz and sit back until you dig into your melted mozzarella  . . . nomnomnom!!!

Hike the Path of the Gods

Do you like hiking? I do 🙂 Do you like INCREDIBLE views? I do! Do you like feeling like you’ve worked off that entire pizza you ate last night? I DOOOOOOO!!!! Needless to say this hike was epic! You have some options with where to start or even how much of the entire path you want to do (you can do a small section or the entire thing). We decided to start from Nocelle which would set us up for a portion of the hike. It was amazing to walk along the cliffs and see the almafi coast. I HIGHLY recommend you do this hike, and wear some good shoes as there are many steps! My tip here would be to start early though, it gets super hot by midday and you def. don’t want to do this hike as it gets dark as there are no lights along the path.

Stroll through the winding streets

Positano is a town of steps; my behind has never been so toned on a vacation 😉 Even if you don’t need any kitschy souvenirs or can’t afford to buy a Prada bag, strolling through the winding streets is a must do! It is just so quaint and beautiful seeing all the corridors that you can lose yourself in. Stroll around for a couple hours then stop and have an afternoon espresso, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Catch the moon on the ocean

We were so lucky to be in the perfect place at the perfect time! We were having a little pizza and vino at a restaurant called Il Fornillo near our second BnB. The sun was setting and the full moon came out. . . it was breathtaking. We were higher on the cliff so we could see the reflection of the water, of course pictures will never do justice to a view like that, which is the reason why you must go see it for yourself <3

If you haven’t had enough yet watch our Positano vlog and you will online booking your flight in two seconds 🙂


Have you been to Positano? What did you do? Let me know in the comments below. Do you want to see more vlogs and posts on Rome, Florence and Venice? Let me know ! 🙂

Ciaociao <3

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