A lil’ chat with travel blogger Nadine from ‘The Sweetness of Traveling’

Guys – have you had your fill of travel bloggers? I thought not 🙂 I want to introduce you to Nadine Hild; solo travel blogger of The Sweetness of Traveling! Originally from Germany and now a global citizen based out of London, England. She is an inspiration for all chicks to grab a backpack and get exploring!


Let’s dive in 🙂

Annika Nadine, tell me about your background and your blog The Sweetness of Traveling<3


Nadine  I document my travels on my travel blog The Sweetness of Traveling and am hopefully inspiring lots of others, especially girls, to go and explore the world.

I went on my first solo trip when I was 12 years old – I flew to Denmark to visit a family that my grandpa met back in the 60s and has since been friends with. A few years later, I moved to cold Wisconsin (USA) to live with a host family I’d never met before and see what high school in the states is really like (a lot like what we see in the movies actually! 🙂 ). It inspired me to pursue two international degrees and had me living abroad in 8 countries to date. I’ve visited a total of 30 countries so far but there’s so many yet to tick off!!!


Annika That is awesome! I love that you started traveling so young 🙂 How then did you get inspired to create your blog?

Nadine  Traveling is the passion closest to my heart. I could never get enough of it and I’m always up for a new adventure. Traveling has taught me so much, every journey shaped me and I always return a different person; more open, stronger, and always with a positive outlook on life. I wanted to inspire others to go out and explore the world themselves and so I started The Sweetness of Traveling in 2013. Increasingly, my friends and theirs have also come to me and asked for travel advice. So besides the inspirational aspect, I also wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with them and help them to make the best out of their trips.


The Sweetness of Traveling in Scotland

Annika I feel the exact same way 🙂 Okay, this is a tough question coming, what is your favourite destination to date and why?

Nadine Haha, this is always such a hard question to answer because every trip is special and I have fond memories of them all!!! I love Indian food, Thai beaches are paradise, the Caribbean laidback lifestyle is to die for. . . I love the Latin American culture: hospitable, outgoing and cheerful plus I love the Spanish language. If I had to pick my top three places: Rishikesh (India), Colombia and Guatemala.


Annika So when you are on the go, working and blogging how do you manage to stay healthy?

Nadine I love yoga and I’ve got my little fitness routine (squats, burpees, planks, etc.) that I can do anywhere, preferable on the beach but a park will do!


Annika  . . .and now on the less healthy side of things, what is your cocktail of choice :)?

Nadine In London, my go-to is a Pornstar Martini! However, in all tropical locations, I’d always go for a rum cocktail with fresh fruit of the season!


Annika Delicious! Okay, getting into the social media side which bloggers/social media influencers do you follow?

Nadine I really love Twenty Something Travel, This Battered Suitcase, The Blonde Abroad.


Thank you so much Nadine! Guys, I hope you loved this little interview, there will be many more on the way! If you want to check out Nadine and stay current on her endless travels check out The Sweetness of Traveling where you will all of her social media <3



Oxoxo Annika

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