International Coffee Day

international coffee day

International Coffee Day!

A cup of jo, morning fuel,  java, brew, jet fuel, wakey juice or caffeine injection – the many ways we call coffee! Guys, did you know there was such thing as international coffee day???? How did I not know about this???? To drill down a little, there are both national  and international days for this beverage of choice. For Canada (as I am based in Toronto) our national day is TODAY September 29, whereas the International coffee day is October 1 (the day before my BIRTHDAY woohoo). So in honour of this amazing drink, of which I am currently having one myself, I thought I would share some facts on coffee AND to continue the definition trend from my last post, what the heck is the difference between all those fancy drinks that one can get at every specialty coffee shop popping up out of no where!


Fun Java Facts!


  1. The world consumes nearly 2.25 billion cups of coffee. . . each day!
  2. Coffee beans are in fact not beans at all – they’re fruit pits!
  3. Drinking coffee improves blood flow – another great reason to enjoy 🙂
  4. New Yorkers drink almost 7x more coffee than other US cities !
  5. The word “coffee” comes from the Arabic word for “wine of the bean” . . . fancy pants 😛
  6. On a per capital basis, The Netherlands is the largest consumer of coffee at 2.4 cups per person a day!
  7. The name cappuccino comes from its resemblance to the clothing color of the capuchin monks!
  8. Hamburg, Germany has banned coffee pods in Government buildings as they produce too much waste – way to go Deutschland!
  9. Coffee has been known to reverse liver damage caused by alcohol!
  10. In the Ottoman Empire drinking coffee was punishable by death :S
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Some of those facts are really out there, but I figured “what the heck” and was in the spirit to share them haha – plus if you know me I LOVE LOVE LOVE my coffee, actually I have been know to a a little bit of a coffee snob (or connoisseur works too :P).

Okay – now that we are in full swing of International Coffee Day – have you ever struggled or wondered what is the difference between  cappuccino, latte, americano, macciato or cafe au lait? Let me clear this up for you – Dad I hope you’re reading, this will finally be an online resource that you can bookmark heheh!

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International coffee day

Let’s first clear up Espresso (be careful its not Ex-Press-Oh but Ess-Press-o) –> Espresso is coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of near boiling water through ground beans. The beans are normally roasted darker than the average pot of coffee but in truth theres no crazy difference than regular beans that you would use for drip coffee. It is simply marked “espresso” as the roaster thinks by using it in this way  the flavour profile of the bean will shine – its also likely ground really fine for the espresso machine 🙂

Cappuccino –> Cappuccino, if we are getting technical and down to the ratios should be 1 part espresso, 1 part steamed milk, and 1 part milk foam. . . its as simple as that! Of course, when you’re actually making one you want to make sure that foam is exquisite! If we really want to get in the weeds on this, I will say that when I, myself was a barista I always liked to let my foam rest for awhile to get it nice and dense and only THEN would I gently fold the foam and steamed milk together before adding to my rich espresso. The reason I did this was I hated having cappuccinos that the milk foam was this GLOB sitting on top. I like the proportions to be kept properly but a nice mélange of velvet foam and steamed milk makes it more enjoyable :)[spacer height=”20px”]

Latté –> Simply speaking, a latté (Italian word for milk) is espresso, steamed milk and only a little bit of foam – in ratio lingo lets say 1 part espresso to 5 parts milk, and a dollop of foam on the top. Nothing more, nothing less. After the proper proportions that is when you would get into all the fancy flavours but that is for another day ;)[spacer height=”20px”]

Americano –> This drink is espresso which is then diluted with hot water. It is thought to have come about when Americans were abroad in WW2 and couldn’t take the short, strong, shots of espresso as they were use to their filtered coffee from home.[spacer height=”20px”]

Macchiato –> This term literally means marked in Italian, so it kinda depends on what is combined with he word, latté macchiato, espresso macchiato . . . if it is latté macchiato then it is the order in which the drink is made. Normally for a latté it goes – espresso, steamed milk and then foam, with latté macchiato it goes steamed milk, foam and then espresso in order to leave a little coffee mark on the milk 🙂 With espresso, normally it is by itself but espresso macchiato has a tiny touch of milk foam on the top to mark it :)[spacer height=”20px”]

Last but not least is a term coming from France Café au Lait –> This one can get a little confusing, it literally means coffee with milk, I have seen this made with both espresso and hot milk or with strong french pressed coffee and hot milk. For this drink however, one small difference is that there is not normally milk foam on the top :)[spacer height=”20px”]


Phew  – did some of those clear up for what you might want to drink on International Coffee Day or perhaps today (in Canada) for National Coffee Day?

Do you have other coffee related questions? I would love to chat about it 🙂 Leave me a comment below or reach out on social media! I am going to get back to my café au lait, take care!


OXOX Happy Caffeinating!




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