Holiday vs. Trip – The massive difference between them!

holiday vs. trip

Holiday vs. Trip – The massive difference between them!


HOLA – I just finished writing the last post on Mexico City and Los Cabos and I literally had to start this next one STRAIGHT away!!!! This is something that I have thought of for years actually. Ever since I first started traveling on my own I started to really see and feel the difference between a holiday or vacation and a trip (synonymous with ADVENTURE!!!!).


Firstly – would you not agree with this even before I start defining things? What is your gut feeling? By the way, these holidays, trips, vacations and/or adventures are not just the international play but local too? Long weekend to the mountains . . . well are you skiing and hiking or are you chilling in the log cabin with your sweetheart and taking bubble baths; there is a difference and I think it is wise to ‘define’ your trip in the planning stage in order to get the most out of your time away!


Holiday vs. Trip in definitions!


Holiday: (Noun) synonymous with “vacation”. Time taken locally, nationally or internationally to recuperate, relax and recharge


Trip: (Noun) synonymous with “adventure”. Time taken locally, nationally or internationally to discover culture and try new things such as sports, food, and activities; Trip (or adventure) to be taken with fully charged batteries and zero expectation of returning more relaxed than upon commencement


Did you like my definitions on holiday vs. trip? Don’t you think its better to establish what you are hoping to get out of your trip in advance? I think it is important because by experience I have gone on trips feeling super tired, then I let my excitement get the better of me and get involved in a bunch of activities. Though they’re fun, I return home feeling absolutely EXHAUSTED and I literally am counting down the days until my next vacation (which isn’t normally that close 😛 ).


This is not to say that you can’t have a mix of the holiday and the trip but I would suggest putting the holiday portion at the end so that you feel refreshed once you get home 🙂


OXOX Happy planning




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