Chillin’ in Mexico City & Cabo San Lucas

Mexico City & Cabo San Lucas

Mexico City & Cabo San Lucas


HOLA – Que tal? Hehe don’t worry the post wont be in Spanish 😛 To be honest I didn’t know that much about Cabo San Lucas in advance of coming here. I have been to Mexico before and lived in Panama for awhile (let me know if you want to see a post on that) and if you didn’t have any Spanish abilities there then you would be severely lost!!! But here in Cabos, English and the American dollar is quite plentiful. I can imagine this is why people who live in California can come down here for an impromptu long weekend; no need for currency exchange and no hassle of language. I wouldn’t mind living that kinda life – a little hint hint just in case my honey is reading this 😉


Cabo San Lucas

Going into the trip – If you didn’t see my previous post on weddings then go back and read it 🙂 We are executing number ‘5’ of why I love weddings hahah; the excuse to travel! Turns out our flights to  Vancouver from Toronto were going to be on the expensive side (as always) and we seem to be going to Vancouver at least once a summer the past few years! So I thought I would switch things up a little.

I knew that Los Cabos was suppose to be an epic destination, so for the heck of it I decided to check into the prices of a multi-city flight. . . and it came out to be MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper!!! What a hardship right? Save money and go to Cabo San Lucas after the family wedding 😉 But as you know with flight prices, there is always a catch; what was it this time? Well we had a 12 hour layover in Mexico City 😐 Its all good though, because we know how to make the most of a layover. The thing that made it a little more difficult this time, was the only sleep we had was on the airplane for a couple hours on the way to Mexico; so needless to say our eyes were pretty heavy all day.

We landed and organized all of our connection business and then headed into the city:) In Mexico City, I did find it useful to have at least a basic understanding of Spanish – it just made getting around and asking questions much simpler. We strolled through the Centro Historico – Or “Old Town”. It was really cool – SO big! I am sure you know, but if you don’t Mexico City is the largest city in North America!!! It is EXPANSIVE and SPREAD OUT!


Of course there were a few things to cross off the list in walking distance ;Zócalo, Palacio des Bellas Artes, a eating some tacos and a little shopping in Cuauhtémoc. While strolling we had a couple impromptu nuggets of excitement! We stopped in for a free fashion exhibit at Formento Cultural Banamex which was super cool as well as I found a pair of shoes (that I have since posted to Instagram) that I NEEDED!!!!!!


Side note: isn’t it funny when you see clothing/accessories that out of no where pulls at your heart strings and it is a MUST HAVE ??? The best part? It turned out this time they were super affordable 🙂

 Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

So that was pretty much what we had time for in Mexico City before we were turning into exhausted zombies. We headed back to the airport to relax, use WIFI and entertain ourselves!


Cabo San Lucas

It was a late arrival  and we landed late at night. By the time we arrived at our condo it was around 2am !!! We pretty much fell onto the bed as soon as we got inside.


In Cabo- well . . . what can I say we are CHILLIN’ OUT! Let me ask you a question, I definitely know the answer for me.


How many times have you taken a holiday to relax and it ends up being exciting but you’re COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED when you get home and really need another holiday to recuperate?

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas


As for me. . . I have done this one too many times. I intend to go away on a holiday and it ends up being a trip . . . there is a difference! Actually come to think of it, I will do a post on this because of it is a MASSIVE difference. All that said, we wanted to make sure that this ‘holiday’ stayed as such; a relaxing getaway to recuperate and come home feeling refreshed! So that is what we are doing.


Cabo San Lucas

How are we relaxing?

  • Sleeping in
  • Watching Netflix whenever we feel like it
  • Reading a book (have any recommendations?)
  • Enjoying the AC
  • Blogging
  • Eating amazing Mexican food
  • Chilling at the pool/beach
  • Not feeling guilty for not doing much


I have to say this last point I have a little trouble with – any one else with me? I know I wanted to come here and pretty much do NOTHING except the above list, but I can’t help but feel like “oh, I should go work out” or “oh we should go explore or go on a boat ride” . . . etcetera etcetera etcetera

Why is it that we can’t just relax? This actually reminds me of last year. My parents went on a GORGEOUS vacation to Southeast Asia. My mom got talking to a local woman in Thailand who was doing reflexology. She said,


“You North Americans are always so stressed out and need vacations, I have never taken a vacation in my life not because I can’t but because I don’t need to, I live balanced enough that I am not stressed”


. . . So this speaks wisdom and a half doesn’t it? Actually makes me feel like moving to Scandinavia and working a strict 33 hour week then coming home to my family which is so much more important.


Cabo San Lucas

What are your thoughts on this? I would actually really appreciate hearing from you guys either in the comments or on social media. Snap me, tweet me or Insta me. Do you think its even possible to try and change the North American way of life to CHILL OUT a little more, or do you think we are completely caught up on this hamster wheel and are never going to stop?


Okay – now back to my café con hielo  😉


XOXOX Happy Chillin’




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