Why you should detox your friends

Why you should detox your friends



Remember this quote:

“You are an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

This is some food for thought and we  should think about this no? To continue this detoxing theme . . . we talked about detoxing the body to detoxing your wallet and now we are tackling a little bit of an uncomfortable subject: detoxing your friends.


I am using “friends” in a loose term here. This could be a colleague, acquaintance or someone you run into all the time but in any regard I am referring to people that you spend time with. The point of this is that everyone has at least someone in the lives [past, present or future] that makes you feel crappy after you see them or spend time with them. If you are in a decent to good mood and happen to cross paths with someone and come out feeling totally BLEH then why bother even spending time with them, right?! Either tell them to pull up their socks or CUT – THEM – OUT!

Some of their toxic characteristics might be:

  • They only talk about themselves (no matter what the subject)
  • They’re constantly negative/pessimistic/ catty/ – essentially just being  a “B” if you know what I mean – this can be a guy or a girl !
  • They will call on you for favors but never return them
  • They are as two faced as Regina George
  • They LOVE LOVE LOVE drama
  • They keep score and always gotta be one up on you

Do these really sound like things you want to be the average of? Going back the the quote above if you become an average of those things, that means that YOU TOO could become the toxic friend. I think the best way to go about this is to stop intentionally seeing them altogether. If so-and-so wants to get together for drinks (which really means she or he will forget their wallet and have you pick up the tab for the 100th time) just skip it – say your busy – or that you have to clip your nails  . . . whatever the excuse will work 🙂 Over time it will get easier and easier to evade spending time with those people that make you feel down.

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Time is limited, lets focus our precious hours on those people that build us up, love us and make us feel happy! It is hard to cut people out, but if they are not bringing anything positive to the table why run yourself down with their drama? You don’t have to be mean or cruel about it, just set yourself free.


I will leave you with this last thought





Now let’s all chill out and enjoy a cup of tea on this rainy day 🙂


oxox Annika

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