Blush Life volume I



Hello beautiful people! If you have been following on snapchat and/or Instagram you know full well that we are currently traveling through Italia! We are going to do a couple of side trips so stay tuned 🙂

I am launching this new series called Blush Life! My last series will definitely continue – it is one that is dear to my heart, so I will still continue posting in Hustlin’. Blush Life is a quick, bite sized post series to check in with you guys, give an update on a trip or share little wins!

Don’t worry, I will do full itineraries and posts when we are back at home in Toronto but for now I hope you enjoy volume I of Blush Life <3


SUPER delicious aperativo in Santo Spirito in Florence. We had a tuna tar-tar and a grilled scampi and octopus salad. . . with the obligatory Aperol Spritz and Old Fashioned 🙂



Amazing entrance to the Four Seasons where we stopped for an afternoon cocktail. Super proud to see that Canadian Flag blowing in the wind above the door as we entered!



Your’s truly in the Atrium Bar at the Four Seasons in Florence, Italy.


GELATO – need I say more? This was at Gelateria Neri in Florence. Shown here is Cherry Mania and Ricotta with Fig (a MUST try).



The beautiful canals of Venice, Italy. So happy to see it first hand; it is really like a dream.



Breakfast in Venice. Chocolate and jam filled croissants with gondolas in view from where we are sitting – so blessed.



Beauty in nature – taking during a break at our cooking class in Florence.



Finale view over Florence after a day of making pizza, pasta and gelato.

I cannot recommend enough seeing these places first hand. I am already brainstorming the best way to create the best travel itinerary for each place we are seeing complete with do’s, don’ts and secret gems 🙂



Happy travels



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