Your best friends

Your best friends

This title may be slightly deceiving 🙂 I want to get into the nitty gritty on “your best friends” when it comes to your closet. There are four people that you NEED NEED NEED in your life if you want to look and feel put together, not to mention you may save some moulah in the process.

3.Dry cleaner
4.Honest fashionista(o) friend

Let’s talk!

1. Seamstress – It has been said in about every medium possible and by about every person. If you hear it from all over then it must have some weight to it right? It is true, a seamstress can be your BEST FRIEND. You need to find one asap, I don’t care if its your mother, sibling, friend or someone you google, create a relationship with them. By tailoring outfits you can turn a simple, ill-fitting sack into a ballgown . . . that may be a tiny exaggeration but it does do wonders. Let’s take an example. You find a great blazer at Zara (btw I am talking to you too gents not just the ladies here). You try it on and there is potential. You can take that blazer from meh to WOW by altering the sleeve length and possibly how the back of it shapes you and becomes “oh-so-slimming”. Another fun example, also using a Zara blazer. I got one back in 2011 that is just the best fit I have ever had in a blazer, they obviously don’t still have it in stock so I need to take good care of it and finally take to the tailor to re-line the interior. I am thinking to add in a nice silky royal purple, thoughts? 🙂


22_IMG_6845.jpg 06_IMG_6664.jpg

2. Cobbler – A shoe cobbler will also be your best friend! How many times have you realized that you can hear the clicking of your heel because the plastic has worn down and its just that silly little screw making click clack each time you take a step. I really hate that, its a big pet peeve of mine. Another example, have you seen those people who have a nice pair of shoes but they have worn them to death and their foot is kind of slanted because the sole has worn down? EASY FIX! Take them to the shoe doctor… or a cobbler 🙂 The cobbler I use I imagine it is a front for some underground, black market operation, but they do an amazing job, so I keep going!

3. Dry cleaner – I will add “honest” to this title also. A good HONEST dry cleaner will take you far. As much as I don’t really want so much of my closet to be dry clean only as it is a bit of a hassle, I do like nice clothes and somehow when I look at the tags on my purchases “DRY CLEAN ONLY” appears out of nowhere, quite unfortunate, but gotta take care of my wardrobe right!? Firstly, if it says dry clean only, it likely is, so PLEASE don’t think you can get away with throwing it on the “delicate” cycle and have it coming out looking as good as new… It won’t, I have tried and made that mistake already, so learn from me, that skirt has never looked the same 🙁 Secondly, get a dry cleaner who is honest i.e. doesn’t lose your clothes, doesn’t cheat you in the cost, doesn’t skip on their effort nor materials, and ultimately just does a good job. You don’t want to pay the bill and realize there is a huge white mark on your LBD due to a chemical issue right?

4. Honest fashionista(o) friend – I say fashionisto friend also, because ladies, the men sometimes have an eye for this, however they sometimes say things about fashion that just don’t make sense (sorry dad!). Bottom line, you need someone who will give their true opinion and hopefully in a nice way. For example, if I am wearing something too <revealing, not age appropriate, bright, somber, etc etc the list goes on> PLEASE TELL ME! It can be compared to someone with spinach in their teeth or their skirt tucked in the back of their tights (saw that the other day …yikes), I know its hard but someone please tell them! Preferably this wouldn’t be coming from a complete stranger who is just dying and can’t take it anymore. It should come from a friend, before you even leave the house…or the change room!

I hope you enjoyed my tips on your four best friends! Let me know who I missed and who you need in your fashion crew.



*Photos by Steve Bezanson


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