Fernweh Society is back – work in Londontown

Fernweh Society is back – work in Londontown

Hey all!
Firstly, I need to put out the disclaimer that I haven’t been posting new things on FS for awhile. So it is time to start up again. To give a little background to the past months I wanted to re-structure Fernweh Society. Of course why not bite off more than I can chew. I started looking into coding and programming……. yeh, so that takes much longer than anyone would anticipate. Then of course life gets busy and then the site kind of went to the back burner (I know, shame on me!).
So long story short, FS is back! I think there will still be lots of updates and new things coming on the site, but I really missed sharing on the site.

I am still working on getting all the content from my old site back up on this new one. I wanted to make the content available so please be patient with me. Also if you are reading a post and the hyperlink doesn’t work, be a doll and send me a quick note

Okay- so fast forward. Last week I was in London. I was quite lucky I got to come here for work and then worked out of my firm’s office for the rest of the week. I love London. There are so many places to see! Being in Europe just invigorates me. Here are a few fab things in London!

1. Character apartments – I LOVE THESE! We stayed with a friend in London in Notting Hill, what a gorg area! I loved the older buildings. In Toronto, we live in a nice condo in Toronto, but there is something so refreshing about a)not having to take the elevator to get outside and b)being in a cozy space with history. Also, on top of those, having markets around strolling is such a fun thing to do.


2. We also had the chance to visit another friend in Cambridge. Another adorable city! The Cambridge campus is beautiful and a suspicious similarity to Hogwarts in how they structure things 😛 A quick tip on that, if you plan on visiting places around the UK when you’re here, definitely compare bus prices to the train prices as our total for two people was 50 pounds cheaper on the bus than the train :O Which of course with the way the dollar is now, is quite a saving!


3. I had some delicious foods while we were there. There is so much variety….. a little too much to be honest as my pants were fitting a little tight by the time I was back in Toronto; but hey its all worth it!


Well those were a few little tid bits 🙂 It definitely feels good to be back on this “bloggin’ thang”


oxox A





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