Time to talk Bdesh

Time to talk Bdesh

Alright, it is time… time to talk about a formative trip… Bangladesh

Most people I meet don’t really understand why I went to Bangladesh, and just so you know it’s pronounced (Bahn-glah-desh) <– That was my effort at writing it phonetically. 🙂

Okies so B-desh, amazing place! It was an intense place with new foods, smells, culture, language, juxtaposition of tribes and religions.

The reason that i went to Bangladesh was actually going with M.C.C ( Mennonite Central Committee). We were a group of people going to teach English and spend some quality time on a girl’s orphanage in the very north of the country, really close to the northern border with India. Our group went there for a month, which was incredible. We were even more lucky to stay at the orphanage with the Sisters and get the “full experience”…. For those of you who can relate, I’m talking: bugs, spiders, well water due to z-e-r-o running water, no electricity, food caught & cooked on a fire stove the same day, hand washing laundry… etc etc etc you catch my drift I’m sure 😉

Soooooo anywhos, I am so happy to have had this experience, plus everyone is so nice! However, I did stick out like a sore thumb AKA blonde white girl roaming around Bangladesh, i got very use to hearing “Bideshi!” being yelled in the background ( term for foreigner). A couple things i want to share with you that i truly miss about being in Bangladesh.

1. The People- People in Bangladesh as so nice. They really love hosting and sharing their time with you. I have so many memories of walking through a village and being invited in to share some tea.

Bangladesh.India#1 253

2. Tea Time- Speaking of tea time i think Bangladesh has some of the BEST chai -like really incredible stuff- i have to say, i really loved having tea time on the daily and always including some local sweets like jalebi or some simple tea biscuits.

3. Rickshaw decor- Okay, one thing about Bangladesh, if you do visit, you will notice that there is like an unofficial competition to see who has the most “PIMPED OUT” rickshaw. Not only are the rickshaws amazing colours but i have to say its incredible how the bike rickshaw drivers cart everyone around.

4. JACKFRUIT!- If you do not know what this is….. it is my favourite fruit that is what it is 🙂 Personally, i would describe it as a beautiful mix of mango and pineapple. Plus, to add to its splendour, it is super versatile. There of course is the sweet fruit part, there is the green part of it that can be used as a meat replacement in curries and main dishes ( which is also d-lish) and some artisans have been known to make bags from the skin of a jackfruit. Don’t worry tropical fruit connoisseurs, this baby is nothing like durian it may look like  giant-less-spikey version, however this one is sweet and doesn’t smell like yuck.

There are obviously so many amazing things about this country that i think are still a mystery for many travellers, but hey be adventurous and check it out!

p.s After Bangladesh I travelled to India…. coming soon in a post 🙂

oxoxo Annika


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