The 4 step guide to a calculated wardrobe!

The 4 step guide to a calculated wardrobe!

Let me paint a picture: we’ve all been there, you look in the closet and think ” I really have nothing a’toll to wear”. Note that this is said whilst looking in the closet/drawer that is completely stuffed to the gills with t-shirts and old socks exploding from within…. This is phenomenon is not rare by any means. Here is a novel idea! Lets create a strategy for our wardrobes!

The following is a fool proof step by step plan to create and maintain a wardrobe, which will also help you to pack for your next trip ( Blog post coming soon 🙂 )

1. Take inventory- This does not mean that you literally have to write down each piece of clothing you own ( though please if you are so inclined, go right ahead). This step is really to see what your starting point is. This ties to the next step…..

2. PURGE your closet!- My trick for this is thinking: Okay, this <insert item of clothing here>, when was the last time i wore this? If the answer is in 6th grade, its time to get rid of it! A helpful way of doing this process is in stages. Sometimes looking at everything at the same time can be overwhelming. Do this when seasons change. For example, as Spring/Summer is upon us, take a look at all warm weather clothes ( if you need help determining the separation of seasonal clothing see below***) and think to lastSpring/Summer. If you don’t recall using the article of clothing it may be time to rid yourself of it. Of course there are always exceptions. Lets say you’re looking at a gown you used once a couple years ago, you might want to hold onto it and keep in storage for a special event (as long as it still fits) or perhaps you want to put it up for consignment at a local shop or online.


3. Donate or sell- Please don’t throw out your old clothes. Either donate them, some options are here andhere, or consider pulling a Sophia Amoruso and try your hand at Ebay or perhaps your local consignment store. All this said, as long as they are in decent shape, consider someone else might enjoy your items 🙂

4.Plan-Plan-Plan- Okay i am not saying that you need to plan “outfits” for each piece of your wardrobe, but that said make sure things jive together. If your general style is Coachella maybe you shouldn’t keep those gothic parachute pants…All i am saying is try and figure what your style is, which doesn’t have to have boundaries, for example I like to think mine is “Classic Chic with a twist”, but figure out what your “genre” is, and try to get rid of items that don’t go with your genre. This also makes shopping easier…which to that point is when you go shopping, if you love black turtle necks but realized that during your inventory you already have 1 or 2, you likely don’t need another one.  The planning phase is here to help you make sure you have a good variety without doubling (or tripling ) up on items nor holding onto random pieces that don’t mesh.

Don’t forget to do this often to keep your wardrobe on point and not too full 🙂

*** What i wanted to say about seasonal clothes… I do believe that some items you will definitely wear in all seasons, think cream colored cardigan, that is useful all year round! But there are other things, think woolly & fury sweaters that… lets be real here, you’re not wearing that furry vest in the hot hot summer temps. So i suggest, if you have the storage space, store your off season clothes. You will have additional space for your in season clothes and when you take out your clothes from the prior season they will feel brand new because you didn’t see them for a half year! Just a thought 🙂

oxox Annika

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