Tel Aviv Long Weekend. . . . Toda :)

Tel Aviv Long Weekend. . . . Toda :)

Well well well, first off, the last few weeks have been absolutely insanely busy but wonderful! It is time to break the writing hiatus! Between visits from old friends from travels and hosting parties for family and taking impromptu trips, it is time to write!

This long weekend ( Fellow Canadians out there know how important the long weekend in May is πŸ™‚ ) i was especially lucky to take a trip to Tel Aviv for the weekend… “As one does” is what my friend would say.

Saying Friday morning was a scramble would be a severe understatement in our preparation. By 2:00pm we three met at the airport to catch our standby flight. 11 hours later we landed in scorching Ben Guiron Airport, to transfer ourselves to a taxi to the Sheraton on the water’s edge. Β The weekend was a blur of excitement, here are my highlights!

1. HUMMUS HUMMUS HUMMUS! …. And other delicious foods of course

When in the area one must indulge, am i right or am i right? The array of amazing coffees, dips, fish and delightful breakfast overlooking the coast is breathtaking. It is so refreshing to see amazing things made from simple beginnings. Looking at hummus, chickpeas some spices and oil blitzed together to make something creaming and filling.


2. That beach

Enough said right? Haha i am kidding, but really this long, soft sand beach was the perfect place to go directly from getting off the plane. It was absolutely packed! A nice mix of travellers and locals laying out their towels, playing racquet sports or kicking around a ball. Being on a beach is so relaxing….. until i inevitably get a sunburn, if you know me, you know how easy that is for me πŸ˜›

3. Spiritual feelings in Old Jerusalem

It doesn’t matter if you feel associated to a specific faith or religion, when you’re in Old City Jerusalem it takes over. Walking the winding streets on the cobblestone paths and visiting any of or all of the sites specifically The Church of the Holy Sepluchre, The Western Wall or the Done of the Rock. The feelings while being here are calming and beautiful, to either take part by saying your own prayers or simply being in the ambiance of those who do. I highly recommend this for some needed calming meditation while being in such a busy and “hustle and bustle” area.

Happy Travels πŸ™‚


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