Sunsoaked in Cuba Top 6 reasons to jaunt down to Cuba!

Sunsoaked in Cuba Top 6 reasons to jaunt down to Cuba!

Cuba is excellent. From the moment we left Pearson airport in Toronto I was so ready to lay on a beach. We definitely did that………every single day!

Let me share the top six reasons I loved Cuba!

1. No internet- Some people might be alarmed that this is a good thing. Really I think we (as people) have become too attached and too reliant on internet in order to keep ourselves occupied, and really are we only striving for just keeping ourselves busy but not really, really experiencing life? I know it is not a new or novel idea that I am suggesting but by really having limited access to internet (it was available but we had to pay approx. $5 per hour to use the wifi and it was quite slow) I truly believe I was able to REALLY relax. I wasn’t worrying about posting my blog, posting every second on Instagram or even checking up on work emails or what other people were doing. I was really just enjoying myself and living in the moment. This would be hard to do at home with internet all around, and don’t get me wrong, I do love a good Insta-post, but I was able to fully disconnect 🙂

2. Beaches- This is an obvious DING DING DING for Cuba, especially in Varadero. At our beach there was beautiful sand, clear, calm waters and in lovely turquoise/blue hue. To top it all off, the water was so warm it wasn’t even hard to go in! Much unlike the lake in Muskoka. We spend many-an-hour simply relaxing and lounging at the beach. There is something so calming about listening to soft waves rolling in, sipping on a good drink and reading a book. I ended up reading ” French women don’t get Facelifts” while we were there 😛 A nice light read.


3. Culture- The Cuban culture is definitely a mélange of a bunch of things. There is the obvious history and then we were timed quite well as we were in Havana the day that the beginnings of reparations of relations between Cuba and the USA started with a letter from Obama to Castro. This is a big moment in history!  I won’t dwell on current events but I did find the situation in Cuba quite interesting. I plan on doing some research into the true situation of living there and being a Cuban citizen. On lighter notes, obviously music, dance, hospitality and of course art. All amazing. I also found it fascinating to see how the European influences combined with African surface in the dance, art and food.

4. Havana Viejo- Of course there are many parts of Havana that are interesting and worth talking about, but for me the old part of the city is so iconic. Walking around the quaint cafes, fountains, and converted Spanish houses into hostels really are worth a few pictures. We walked past this hostel and you could peer inside into the calmest looking courtyard where I could completely imagine myself sitting there enjoying a cold glass of bubbly 🙂 Alas, we had to continue walking and touring around.

5. Tropicana- Cubans are right, you cannot compare Tropicana to Las Vegas shows………Because Tropicana came first and is so unique! I will admit I psychologically prepped myself to really not expect much of the show, I was so expecting to be disappointed. Maybe I had low expectations, but I really loved this show! The dancing was so good! It is also so much more than just dancing. There are the elaborate costumes; the amazing music sung live and of course the rum coming to your table 🙂

6.Classy cars- I will not profess to be a car connoisseur, but some of the cars in Cuba are just so neat! It is a known and well-documented fact through Cuban art and photographs that there is an abundance of 1950’s cars in Cuba. Some are in not great shape but others are “PIMPED OUT”! They’re painted bright colors and the interior is redone. It is a little surreal coming to a parking lot and seeing all these beautiful old cars. I felt like I was in Grease the movie!


Well these are my little tidbits of why I loved Cuba 🙂 Hopefully you will get a chance to go see it before there is too much change in the next years.

Happy Traveling

Hasta Pronto!


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