San Blas Islands- Pamana

San Blas Islands- Pamana

Think of the most beautiful cluster of islands. Delicate white sand… small islands holding only a few palm trees ( and perhaps a bottle of pirate rum). Where are you thinking of? I sure hope it it San Blas in Panama!

These islands are crazy amazing! They really haven’t gotten the attention that they deserve and maybe that is part of their beauty, because no one really knows about them so they are not overly visited. Like a true cliché from travel bloggers, i really must say ” visit ASAP before they become too mainstream and lose their charm”.

Tribe beach

To give a little more background… San Blas is an archipelago on the north east side of the country located in the Caribbean sea. This place is also really unique. Like other parts of Panama ( i’ll do a post!) there tribes in different areas. In San Blas the Kuna Yala ( also known as Guna Yala) live and run these islands.

 In the cluster there are approximately 365 islands with really only 13% of those being lived on. The great thing however is that the Kuna Yala have made a business out of the islands, which is great for travellers because its gives us a chance to experience them. The set up works as though it is an all inclusive but only around $60 a night. They are pretty simple living arrangements (it is not silk sheets) but there are unique things about it that make it really memorable. During the day they boat you around to different islands to go swimming and snorkelling. A really great bonus is after breakfast they will ask you what you want them to fish you for your dinner… and my friends lobster was on the menu! It really is an amazing experience.
panama beach
Traveling to the islands in terms of length will depend on where you’re coming from. If you’re jet setting from Panama City you will need to take a small plane, then boat, then motor canoe. It sounds lengthy but really you have to enjoy the process and you see the ocean in a way you might not otherwise get to do.

Once you have made it to your personal island sit back, relax, have a drink and soak up the sun 🙂


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