‘May-Long’ & Cold Showers

‘May-Long’ & Cold Showers

Finally nice weather! For anyone in Toronto or is following the weather here, we have had a really questionable spring.
This weekend was exactly what everyone needed; beautiful, sunny weather. It is amazing how as soon as it’s nice outside, the entire population will find a balcony, patio or park! I love it.

May long weekend makes me oh-so-happy. It was definitely time for a switch up in the regular schedule of life. Each day this weekend, thanks to the nice weather I took a cold shower. No, not a horrible, chilling suffer-session but rather something a little more relaxed. I like to end off my shower with a coolish temperature, this actually makes me feel like I am on vacation. What other time does a cool shower feel so good except when you’re off on a beach vaca? Plus, there are added benefit. It’s great for your skin and hair 😉

So here is a little recap on the weekend!

Friday evening – Checked out a new place along the waterfront called The Slip. Really chill place with wooden table and booths. They had some great food and beverage options. I had the margarita (which is on tap by the way 😛 ) and some ceviche, which tasted amazing but really was more of a sashimi, no worries though, still delicious!
So. funny thing I will mention was our server. I am not sure where his head was at. To explain, my friend and I sit down to look at the small menu they have. . . she asked him (on several different occasions) what was in a particular cocktail. His response was a) to ignore her b) to tell her not to ask him c) throw his hands in the air and laugh “I don’t know” (:| <– my face during all of this) Our next server after him was much improved and knowledgable.

Saturday – Le Boyfriend et moi cycled down to St. Lawrence Market to pick up ingredients for our Mexican Fiesta the following evening. After gathering all the necessary items we sat down at Cruda Cafe for a raw/vegan feast (I recommend the tacos if you go!).

Sunday – PREP TIME – of course it didn’t take all day to prep. quite the contrary, maybe only a couple hours or so. The menu was as followed:

-Chicken taquitos
-Chips with pico de gallo and guacamole
-Fish tacos with slaw
-Ginger lime margaritas (Followed this Martha Stewart recipe) Careful on these, d-lish but potent!

Our guests also brought these amazing chocolate covered peanut butter balls. They were so decadent and blissful! Of course, the food mixed with amazing company, margaritas and a spicy playlist was a perfect start to the summer.

IMG_1239 IMG_0011 IMG_0007 IMG_1222

Monday – Woke up at a nice easy pace, cycled over to the Thompson Hotel diner for a casual brunch. I didn’t realize that 10am is actually so early for brunch there? Is it just me, am I THAT much of an early bird? I just feel like if you go to brunch at 11:30am or later, the lines are huge, but the time you do get a seat then you’re waiting, its packed and when brunch is done its mid afternoon and the day is almost over. For these reasons, I always try to go a little ahead of the crowds 🙂

What did you do this weekend? Did you find a nice spot to get sun-soaked?

Let’s dive into a short week!



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