Eating my way through Seattle

Eating my way through Seattle

As promised; a little update on my day trip to Seattle! I didn’t realize it at first but I ended up pretty much making my own “foodie tour’ through the city. Bad part…. I enjoyed the food so much, I didn’t take pictures of most of it! Never fear, I have some other snaps of Seattle, but I did have one picture of my mountain high sandwich below………

OKAY to the foodie list!

  • Blueberry Scone and Iced Almond Latte at Pacific Central Station
  • Chicken samosa with sweet sauce at Saffron Spice in Pike Place Market ( YUMYUMYUM!)
  • Crepe du chevre and a mimosa( 😉 ) at Crepe de France in Pike Place Market (Anyone who knows me would understand that I went straight to the crepe place 😛 )
  • CLT Sandwich at Rain Shadow Meats ( I ate half first and half again 3 hrs later >.<)
  • Iced Soy Latte and anise biscotti at Zeitgeist ( A MUST visit coffee shop in Seattle)

Ok this is the sandwich…


It was a monster! A delicious one at that 🙂

WOOSH, good thing I was walking around all day, but you know…. when in Rome… and Rome in this sense is Seattle and what to do in Seattle but taste test your way to happiness:)

So I may have done a few others things other than simply eating. When I arrived in Seattle I started walking in the complete wrong direction and was corralled into the entrance of a baseball stadium… oopsies.. I made a quick turnaround and then I found myself walking up beautiful 1st Avenue. There are so many adorable shops and cute cafes along this street. (Later in the day I would also discover a great nail salon :D). So walking around the Pike Place Market was a job on its own. Everything is wonderfully interesting, which means people are walking at the pace of snails haha, so make sure you’re savy at weaving in and out otherwise you might collide with some hungry market-goers!

I of course had to check out the first ever Starbucks, because well, it is right there. To my very expectation the line was down the block, so I snapped a pic and continued on my way 🙂


The weather was simply amazing, so by the end of the sun filled walking and eating tour I was content to get back on the train to Canada.

Please go to Seattle and make sure you bring your appetite!


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