Cairo- A city for all senses

Cairo- A city for all senses

Cairo was one of the first stops of many cities, but it was one that I stayed for a half year. Egypt was a place I actually wanted to see since i was in grade 2! I know, I am a nerd but I loved ancient Egyptian culture and learning about the history.


During my time there I was fortunate to experience many different parts of the country, but for now lets focus on the amazing and beautiful things in Cairo!


 The food in Cairo is unimaginable! It is delicious (nomnom). Above was some fixings before digging into some very( and i mean very) hearty Kushari . The first time i had this meal I was close to ravenous, then of course i ate it way too quickly only to feel the various types of carbs settling into my stomach like a rock! Below, this dish is call Mashi. This particular Mashi was home made ( i helped a little 🙂 ). I went  to  my friend’s house where her sister taught me  through my broken Arabic and her broken English how to make the dish! It was definitely worth waiting for 🙂

Touring around Cairo can’t be completed without a visit to Khan el Khalili Market. This place in amazing. You can find anything under the sun from aromatic perfumes, spices, jewelry and of course ( you guessed it) more delicious food! The whole time you feel like you’re walking in some magical tunnel. Much of the market are little hidden alleys with coverings over the street. I visited Khal el Khalili more times than i will admit 😛


n513147887_366232_4444…And last but definitely not least the Pyramids of Giza. No matter how much these are photographed or used in pop culture, seeing them in person cannot be topped. I was super lucky that i actually lived really close to the pyramids, i could see them from where i stayed and on the other side i could see the Sakkara step pyramids ( pic above where i was riding the four-wheeler).


Cairo is somewhere that will always have a special feeling for me, a def #mustgoback place.

oxox Annika


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