5 things for a weekend

5 things for a weekend

We all wait all week for the weekend, it comes and goes in an instant so best to take full advantage while you can!

Here are my top 5 things to do on a weekend:

1. Sleep until you wake up naturally

For some this might be sleeping until noon and for others this could be getting up at 9:00am! Letting your body wake when it is ready is a welcome change from the week’s pressure. I would recommend that once you wake ( of course as long as you’ve had adequate sleep) get up! If you wake and go back to sleep you can say good bye to half the day and end up feeling more sleepy than before.

2. Take a slow morning

blond in morning


This to me is still getting up out of bed and relaxing but doing things for yourself in a calm relaxed way. For example, my big weekend indulgence is making a proper breakfast. I will first make myself a coffee then I enjoy it while making something like eggs, muffins or pancakes.

3. Go for alternative exercise

During the week if I am lucky I will make myself go to the gym at least a few times. On the weekend I like to take a different approach. Sometimes this is in the form of a hike, a walk around the city or perhaps trying something new like a zumba or pilates class. Whatever it may be, you have a little extra time to switch things up.

4. Do something productive

The weekend is for relaxing yes, however if you’re anything like my I still need to feel like I crossed something off my list on the weekend. It doesn’t need to be go-go-go all weekend but perhaps I will clean, do a blog post or catch up on some studying for whatever I am focusing on at that point.

5. Prepare for the next week ahead

This is a big one to ensure smooth sailing until your next weekend! For me this means cooking some food for the week of lunches or quick dinners, crossing off any errands from my list that need doing and of course laundry to make sure I have full options of clothing. This will let you sleep easy Sunday night knowing that you’re well prepared for Monday morning 🙂


What do you do with your 48 hours of freedom on the weekend? Leave something in the comments below or send me a quick email 🙂

oxox Annika


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