You’re going on a trip! How to plan and make the most of it

You’re going on a trip! How to plan and make the most of it

Everyone has a different travel style. In fact, it can range in so many different directions.

To give some background, some people like everything planned down to the minute in what they are going to do on their trip, on the other hand, some people want zero plans, in order to really fly by the seat of their pants and to be open to everything at any point in time.

This also can go by way of some people wanting to go on trip to just sit and relax and do nothing while others might be ready to get up at the crack of dawn in order to get to that temple for sunrise before all the other tourists. This range is also going to be determined with the way you’re feeling and why you are going on a trip/holiday/vacation <– those are all very different, perhaps there should be a separate post to really and truly explain how they vary.

As for my travel preference, i like to think i am somewhere in the middle. If i am going away for a long period of time i would say for starters i like to know what city i will be in for a period of time. After the location is determined then make a list of things i would like to do, but definitely leave space for wandering and being open to things that pop up along the way. Some travel tips from FS:

travel sunset balcony

1. Research the weather– No brainer for sure but you would not believe how many people are thinking yay I’m going to Italy and only pack great sundresses! But what they fail to realize is they’re going to northern Italy in spring and those temps are actually not that warm…. They should be packing pants and a light coat 🙂 Being properly dressed for the weather will make or break your time. If you need a scarf, don’t fight it, just bring one 🙂

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 2. Have a list of top 5-10– Obviously depending on how long you’re in a city the number of ‘To Do’s’will vary. I normally start some internet research as soon as i know where i am going. Some might say this is premature but for me half the fun of traveling is looking forward to it! Reading articles and top 10 lists about where i am going gives me an idea of things i can’t miss. Choosing a few of these very mainstream items is a good starting point, typically they are Top 10 for a reason. Other than that, i really want to always have some time to do activities that i learn about when i am there, or really wander and find a little cafe to people watch. If you’re open to it, there will be heaps of things you want to do that you didn’t know about before, if you plan your time down to the second you won’t have time 🙁

3. Carve out time if you have meetings– I am guilty of not doing this all the time. Many places i go i have friends and people i know then the age old promise is made of “meeting up at some point”. I plan too much in my schedule or wait for the other person to reach out when they were waiting for me to reach out, then it never happens which is always disappointing. Also remember, unless you’re getting a phone card while traveling it takes a lot longer to meet up with people ( trying to find wifi and facebook message someone can take some time). I have a memory of this in Amsterdam. I was trying to rendezvous with a friend that i met in Panama. After it was all said and done, by the time we got a hold of each other she had to go to work and i was leaving the next day. Plan ahead!

These are only a few of the pre-trip-planning items but i think good ones to consider 🙂 (Another one…..make sure you pack your camera battery charger 😉 )

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