Fernweh Society: The reasoning behind the name

Fernweh Society: The reasoning behind the name

When i told people the name of my blog most people had blank stares or “what does it mean?”

To explain Fernweh; it is really a similar feeling as you would be feeling when you’re homesick but when you’re traveling. Fernweh is the feeling of “travel sick” when you’re at home. Essentially it is the aching desire to go 🙂

Fernweh has no direct translations from German to English but some words that would come to mind: Travel lust, travel bug, yearning to see distant places, or the famous Wanderlust.

Aside from establishing that I think about travel all the time (a major case of Fernweh) I also love talking to other travellers. There are so many different types of travellers too! Just talking to people about their past trips or helping them plan their next one makes me giddy!

I think a major part of this blog is really to share in travel. Travel is many things. It is discovery, learning, exploration and likely for many reading this, it is a way of life. Fernweh society is really for those people who are thinking about the next long weekend, or the next time they can take off from their every day in order to go experience something else and challenge themselves. Fernweh society is for the people who dream about their next adventure and use trips to be the light at the end of the tunnel of a long week at work. I hope you all enjoy the blog, its inspirations, photos and stories ( and the tid bits of other topics that are discussed). I hope that if nothing else this can give all the people reading a little more Fernweh in their lives.


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