One of my new found obsessions with Fernweh Society is branding! Love it or hate it branding is a huge part about running a business? Think about a┬ácompany – if you didn’t think that their brand was in sync with yours you likely wouldn’t buy from them, do business with… View Post

Well well well, let’s just jump right in shall we?! If we re-wind back to December I decided on a whim to dye my hair. A bit of backstory here: when I was younger I had white blonde hair . . . guess what I HATED it at the time,… View Post

Hello, Hello! It is finally spring! Well I guess it has been spring technically for awhile however the weather is really only starting to act like it in the last couple days ­čÖé I don’t know about you but this warm weather has got me feeling inspired for SUMMER! At… View Post

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN! What time you might ask? Well, that time of year when the invites start rolling in and the events are┬ápicking up! On the agenda for summer you might have graduations, garden parties, housewarmings, wine tasting and vacations! Perhaps I am becoming more high maintenance than… View Post

Hello Hello! So as many of you know via Instagram I was at the Toronto One of a Kind Show last week and it called it a wrap on Sunday night. It was so amazing!!! I literally wanted to buy everything that I could see! I love this show because… View Post